Mamdouh Maher Matte


Name: Mamdouh Maher Matter

Occupation: Professor of Entomology, National Research Center.

Business Address: National Research Center, El-Tahrir St., Dokki, Cairo, Egypt.

Tel: (202) 33335949


Home Address: 21 Ramsis St., Omrania Sharkia, Giza, EGYPT.

Tel: (202) 35733123

Languages: Arabic (mother Tongue), English.

Field of Interest: Biological, Microbial & Natural control of pests.


B.SC. (Entomology & chemistry) 1962

M.SC. (Microbial control) 1969.

Ph.D. (Microbial Control) 1976.

Languages: Arabic (mother Tongue), English.

Field of Interest: Biological, Microbial and Natural control of pests.

Professional Experience:

1-.Did numerous Scientific and Applied Researches, using Macro (Predators & Parasitoids) & Micro (entomopathogenic microorganisms) Biological agents, entomotoxic botanical substances, Botanical pesticides or entomopathogens and natural enemies combinations. New trends in field application techniques & Safety level assessments for the side effects of biotic agents on beneficial arthropods. (1962 till now).

2- Sharing in National & International Research Projects (1972 - 2014).

Last PROJECT “ Usage of nanotechnology in enhancing the activity of Imidacloprid and Metarhizium anisopliae in controlling grasshopper and desert locust

3- Supervision of M.SC. theses (4) and Ph.D theses [4] (all awarded).

4- Revising research papers, theses, Research Projects (1994 Till now) & the Proceedings of 1st, 2nd & 3rd Arab Conferences of Applied Biological Pest Control, Egypt, April 2004, 2008 & 2011.

5- Principal investigator of a project entitled "Proper and Safe utilization of Natural Pesticides under different field conditions” .Pests & Plant Protection Department, NRC, Cairo, Egypt. [1995 for three years]

6- Presentation of research papers:

a- International Symposium on Mycotoxins [NRC,1981].

b- International Workshop on B.thuringiensis and its applications in developing

countries [NRC, 1991].

c- International Plant Protection Congress, Hague, NETHERLAND, July 1995.

d- VI European Congress, Entomology, CESKE BUDEJOVICE, CZECRepublic , August 1998.

7- Vice President & President of sessions of the 1st, 2nd & 3rd Arabian Conferences entitled [2004. 2008, 2o11].

8- Grant: DAAD , "Institute of Biological Control, Darmstadt,Germany April-July 1978".

Membership in Professional Societies:

Member in the Council of the "Egyptian Society of Biological Pest Control" [1989 till now] & the editorial board of the Egyptian Journal of Biological Pest Control.[1994 till now] and 1st , 2nd & 3rd Arab conferences [2004, 2008 & 2011].

PUBLICATIONS: Author and co-author of 43 scientific papers.