Welcome to ESBCP

  • Welcome to the website of the Egyptian Society for Biological Control of Pests (ESBCP). It is a scientific society founded in Egypt in 1989 to encourage and promote all aspects of biological and integrated pest control and for serving the professional and scientific needs of entomologists and people in related disciplines not only in Egypt but also in other countries.
  • The society was registered at the Social Affairs Administration of Giza, Egypt number 963 on 24 August 1989.
  • The number of founder members was 55 representing various universities and research centers. Now they exceeded 900 active members. This number includes educators, consultants, students, researchers and scientists from universities, research centers, health agencies and private sectors from Egypt as well from other foreign countries.
  • ESBCP is governed by a board comprised of 15 elected members for six years.


  • To consolidate the efforts of specialists in the field of Biological Control of Pests and coordinate communications in this scientific field.
  • To acquaint the specialists, non-specialists and other workers in agricultural and animal production and public health with different aspects of biological control of pests that endanger agriculture and public health separately and within the scope of integrated pest management,and to acquaint them with the positive returns of

biological control of pests on environment and economy, especially in shade of the rising public awareness of danger of environmental pollution resulting from large-scale application of chemical pesticides.

  • To organize scientific seminars and conferences for the concerned Egyptian and foreign parties to discuss problems and issues related to this specialization with various scientific and applied aspects.
  • To issue a periodical scientific journal to serve the researchers

other characters concerned with this field.

  • To link ESBCP’s efforts with those of similar societies and organizations all over the world.
  • To establish a specialized library, museum and information network to provide the necessary scientific service for concerned researches and postgraduate students.
  • To encourage research work, scientific and applied projects related to biological pest control in Egypt and abroad.

Membership Fees

  • The society welcomes the membership of colleagues concerned with biological pest control from Egypt and from abroad.
  • Membership Fees: 30 Egyptian Pounds (or 20 US Dollars for non-Egyptian members and institutions).
  • Annual Subscription Fees: 20 Egyptian Pounds (or 10 US Dollars for non-Egyptian members and 20 US Dollars for institutions) due in January every year.
  • Fees to be paid to ESBCP’s Treasurer either in cash or by cheque issued to the “The Egyptian Society of Biological Control of Pest