Prof. Dr Saber Fahim Mahmoud

Prof. Dr Saber Fahim Mahmoud




Name: Saber Fahim Mahmoud Moussa

Occupation: Emeritus Professor

Business Address: Plant Protection Research Institute, Nadi ElSeid Street, Dokki-Giza, Egypt

Home Address: 66 B Gisr El-sues St., Roxy, Cairo,Egypt

Tel.: (+2) 01229083628



  • Ph. D. Biological Science, 1987
  • M. Sc. Economic Entomology, 1981
  • B.Sc. Plant Protection, 1971

Languages:English, Russian

Field of Interest:Ecological Studies, Biological Pest Control

Professional Experience:

  1. Studies on citrus pests and control by chemical and biological methods (Integrated Pest Management).
  2. Studies on pests of different fruit trees, vegetable crops and ornamental plants and their control in open fields and greenhouses.
  3. Management of cotton pests.
  4. Studies on aphids and their chemical and biological control.
  5. Screening for Faba Bean resistance to aphids.
  6. Evaluation of yield losses by scale insect, mealy bug and aphid pests.
  7. Studies of the susceptibility of different fruit varieties to infestation of scale insect, mealy bug and aphid pests.

Membership in Professional Societies:

  1. Member Board of Biological Pest Control Society of Egypt (1990 to present)
  2. Egyptian Society of Entomology
  3. Arabic Society of Plant Protection

Publications: Author and co-author of 39 scientific papers.